Smoke Control Systems

AEGIS Engineering provides comprehensive smoke control engineering services through all phases of design, construction, and commissioning. We are experts in active and passive methods of smoke control, including shaft pressurization, ventilation and exhaust systems for atrium spaces and smoke-protected assembly seating, and smoke barrier construction.

We design smoke control systems through use of modern computer modeling tools and simulation techniques to deliver solutions consistent with prescriptive building code criteria while accounting for unique project geometries. Drawing upon our experience testing smoke control systems at the conclusion of construction, we begin our design process with the end in mind, based on the unique characteristics of each project.
Our team contributes to identifying, reducing, and eliminating redundant equipment, and supports anticipation and resolution of potential issues in advance of system commissioning. This approach requires a thorough knowledge of the applicable codes and standards, relevant experience and training, and discernment of a broad range of fundamental design elements and performance goals. As the smoke control special inspector, our familiarity with the project and smoke control system enables AEGIS Engineering to provide a plan customized for the specific conditions present with the project.

Smoke control services often include:

  • Preparing rational analysis to address prescriptive code criteria.
  • Calculating smoke control system demand capacity through computer modeling.
  • Assisting in coordination of fire alarm system control sequences.
  • Developing a smoke control matrix to summarize system operations and functionality.
  • Coordinate and design Fire Fighter’s Smoke Control Panels (FSCP).
  • Considering interaction and influence of connected buildings/zones.
  • Smoke control special inspection.
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