Risk Assessment

The building code and fire code establish the minimum requirements for providing a reasonable level of property protection and fire and life safety for occupants, in addition to fire fighters and emergency responders. AEGIS Engineering surveys and reviews facilities to assess compliance with applicable building codes, fire codes, and standards, and identifies appropriate levels of fire and life safety. Our fire protection engineers also evaluate processes, systems and programs in order to identify and define hazardous conditions and risks for the purpose of their elimination or control. AEGIS Engineering examines the systems, subsystems, components, and interrelationships to identify and quantify exposures. Our fire protection engineers provide expert consultation with regard to design and implementation of effective fire and life safety systems which ensure that building code and fire code provisions are appropriately applied, and hazards are mitigated.

Our risk assessment is based on sound engineering, the building codes, fire codes, NFPA and other standards, and industry practices. Consideration is given to the rate of fire spread, its intensity and duration, expected performance of materials, equipment and systems, and emergency response. Finally, we consider the impact to continued business operations and exposures resulting in business interruption.

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