Plan Review

AEGIS Engineering reviews design documents for fire and life safety systems to assess compliance with contract requirements and applicable building codes, fire codes, and referenced standards. Reviews often include fire protection plans, calculations, specifications, architectural plans, mechanical plans, code analysis, and basis of design reports. Special focus is given to fire-resistance rated construction and opening protection, means of egress, and occupancy-specific provisions in relevant codes and standards.

Informed by the SFPE Guide for Peer Review in the Fire Protection Design Process, AEGIS Engineering works with our clients to maintain expedited project schedules during the building planning phase while providing the level of fire protection and life safety control demanded by the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Our third-party review services reduce delays caused by repeated plan check submittals by providing a thorough building design review which evaluates building code and fire code compliance while keeping the goals of the client as a principal consideration.

Where the local jurisdiction is seeking a fire protection engineer to perform a third party plan review of unique building conditions, AHJs can rely on AEGIS Engineering to render a thoughtful evaluation of fire code and building code requirements pertaining to the design submittal.

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