Inspection & Commissioning

AEGIS Engineering provides inspection, testing, and commissioning of new or existing fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, smoke control systems and life safety systems, including diesel fuel tanks for fire pumps, emergency standby power generators, and firestopping.  Inspection of these fire and life safety systems is critical to ensuring that they are fully functional, correctly integrated into the building management systems, and properly maintained for service when needed.

Fire protection systems and life safety systems need to be maintained and assessed regularly in order to ensure continued compliance with local and national life safety and fire protection regulations, and to certify their reliable functionality. In addition to the design of new fire and life safety systems, and the inspection of these systems, our fire protection engineers develops required inspection and maintenance programs tailored to the unique aspects of existing fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems and smoke control systems.

Where AEGIS Engineering serves as the smoke control special inspector to witness smoke control system testing, this enables the same air balancer to remain on the project during construction to perform readings of system performance without a conflict of interest. Our involvement also provides a design engineer on-site to assist in responding to challenges encountered during smoke control system testing, and to assist in developing solutions to support the system performance requirements.

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