Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

AEGIS Engineering designs fire detection systems and fire alarm systems with the individual needs of each client in mind and can assist with every phase of the project from planning, to design, to construction and commissioning. Fire alarm systems may include building alarm systems, fire suppression systems, releasing systems, mass notification systems, highly-sensitive smoke detection systems, and other specialty detection and notification systems.

Fire detection and fire alarm systems require special consideration, especially when critical areas or unique features are present in the building. Our fire protection engineers develop drawings and specifications for these systems adhering to a design philosophy shaped by attention to the aesthetic qualities of the building in addition to the requirements of fire code, building code, and NFPA  standards. All system design drawings are developed using computer aided design software.

To assure competitive contractor selection, we prepare performance specifications rather than the traditional design specifications. We assist you with assessing the key system and component performance criteria necessary for meeting the objectives of your designs and detail those requirements into a customized specification. In addition to the product specifications, we also detail contractor qualifications, testing requirements, and commissioning criteria. AEGIS Engineering can tailor client guide specifications to the project, develop custom specifications, or utilize SpecsIntact in concert with the project team.

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