Alternative Means & Methods Development

AEGIS Engineering’s specialized experience with Alternative Means and Methods (AMM) and Code Alternate Development allows us to provide a superior level of design service, informed by a fire protection engineering background, as we assist our clients in overcoming challenges posed by building code and fire code limitations, including effective presentation and negotiation with the project team and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Unique features of today’s designs often require the development of code equivalencies, innovative solutions, alternative designs, or variances. Our fire protection engineers are uniquely positioned with jurisdictional backgrounds and permitting requirement knowledge, as well as maintaining strong relationships with jurisdictions. Engage AEGIS Engineering to help your team develop and apply new and unique systems or materials for an innovative alternative means and methods solution. This may involve evaluating the intent of applicable building code and fire code sections, evaluating test reports (national and international), or the application of a computer model (evacuation simulation, fire modeling and smoke modeling based on predicted fire and heat conditions) to analyze the performance of the proposed design.

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