Fire Protection Engineering Services

The fire protection team at AEGIS Engineering has experience in all phases of a project from scope definition and planning, to design and document development, on through construction, to final acceptance. Teams value our extensive technical expertise, design and review skills, as well as focus on identifying and resolving building code and fire code issues early in the design and review process. Involving AEGIS Engineering early in the planning stages, whether it be for tenant improvements, building additions and renovations, or new construction, can resolve potential constructability obstacles upfront and result in significant cost savings.

The expert knowledge of each of our fire protection engineering professionals, combined with our team model for service delivery, supports our ability to deliver value on-target, on-time, and on-budget. This approach has been successfully employed to respond effectively to fast-track project needs while addressing the detailed level of scrutiny demanded with regard to fire protection and life safety code requirements.

Where AEGIS Engineering is not licensed to perform professional engineering services, we may serve as expert consultants through AEGIS Consulting.

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AEGIS Engineering consulting services include:

  • Code Compliance: Evaluation of existing facilities or processes to assess compliance with building code, fire code, and referenced standards. This work includes identification of adverse conditions and potential risks or exposures and assistance in developing a plan for improvement.
  • Hazard Analysis: Identify, evaluate and propose solutions for identified concerns to ensure building code and fire code provisions are appropriately addressed.
  • Inspection and Commissioning: Inspection, testing, and commissioning of new or existing fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, smoke control systems and life safety systems. This includes diesel fuel tanks for fire pumps and emergency standby power generators, firestopping, as well as development of inspection and maintenance programs.
  • Litigation Support: Expert consulting or testimony to legal counsel regarding fire origin and cause, construction defects, or implications of building codes and standards, as well as supporting forensic investigation of fire protection system and life safety system failures.
  • Plan Review: Review of design documents to ensure that fire protection systems and life safety systems are designed in accordance with contract requirements and applicable building codes, fire codes, and referenced standards.

AEGIS Engineering design services include:

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems: Design of fire detection systems and fire alarm systems including building alarm systems, fire suppression systems, releasing systems, mass notification systems, highly-sensitive smoke detection systems, and other specialty detection and notification systems.
  • Fire Protection Systems: Design of fire protection systems including wet and dry automatic sprinkler systems, preaction systems, deluge systems, specialty foam systems, clean agent suppression systems, fire pumps, and standpipe systems, as well as water supply and storage tanks.
  • Smoke Control Systems: Design of smoke control systems and smoke management systems for high-rise buildings, atrium spaces, smoke-proof assembly seating, stair and elevator shaft pressurization, and other active or passive smoke control systems.
  • Specification Development: Preparation and review of specifications targeting compliance with individual project requirements, including addressing criteria prescribed by building code, fire code, and referenced standards.
  • Technical Assistance: Assist local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or permit applicants in the evaluation and analysis of unique design conditions with regard to building code, fire code, and referenced standards.

AEGIS Engineering services include:

  • Alternative Mean & Methods: Support projects and clients in developing and applying new and unique systems or materials through thoughtful analysis of subject conditions and effective presentation and negotiation with the project team and AHJ.
  • Egress Analysis: Apply computer modeling tools to develop evacuation simulations that address the anticipated duration of occupant movement for potential design scenarios.
  • Fire Modeling & Smoke Modeling: Support the design of smoke control systems, egress systems, and alternative means and methods through the use of fire modeling, smoke modeling, and fire dynamics software, including computational fluid dynamics. Our analysis can include evaluation of the growth of a fire, smoke development and fire system activation, as well as consideration of wind effects.
  • Fire-Resistive Construction: Ensure the project addresses building code requirements related to fire-resistance-rated construction provisions, while maintaining the aesthetics of your unique design. This includes assistance with engineering judgments for joints and penetrations of fire-rated assemblies.
  • Risk Assessment: Provide expert consultation with regard to design and implementation of effective fire systems and life safety systems which ensure that building code and fire code provisions are appropriately addressed and hazards are mitigated.


Mailing Address

914 164th St SE
Ste B12 #205
Mill Creek, WA 98012



Mailing Address

914 164th St SE Ste B12 #205
Mill Creek, WA 98012